A message from Ned Lamont CT2030

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Thank you for taking the time to look at how I want to improve your quality of life and the state of Connecticut through transportation upgrades over the next ten years. CT2030 is what Connecticut families and employers deserve. As a small business owner, I always believed that collaboration would lead to unique solutions to complex problems, and CT2030 delivers on that.

No company should be less productive as a result of traffic jams or slow trains and buses. No parent should be late to pick their child up from school because of a traffic signal in the middle of a busy highway, or a preventable delay at a bridge or exit. I want to give Connecticut families, employers, and workers their time back and I believe CT2030 is the responsible way to provide a better future.

Our state has the opportunity today to make the investments and decisions that will pay off for our children tomorrow.

Thank you,

Governor Ned Lamont