Please retain the following information for your records, so that when you do apply for retirement, you will have correctly filled out the necessary documents, which will ensure timely payments of the first monthly benefit that you would be entitled to. Only the Trustees of each individual pension fund can provide advice to you

When applying for a Social Security Disability Award, you should apply for your Local 90 Pension at Zenith American Solutions at the same time. This way, should you receive the award from Social Security, you will be able to collect your Local 90 pension on the first day of the month following five (5) full calendar months after the initial date of your disability.

Upon deciding when you will elect to retire at the normal retirement age, first, you must contact Zenith American Solutions at the phone and address listed on attached sheet. The I.B.E.W. Local Union No. 90 Pension is located at Zenith American Solutions in Wallingford, Connecticut. It is your responsibility to notify them immediately, when you know the date in which you are retiring. Request a copy of your work history to be mailed directly to your address as you will need this information when you complete your NEBF application.

The next step is to notify the Local Union 90 office 2 North Plains Industrial Road in Wallingford, Connecticut at (203-265-9533) regarding the date in which you intend to retire. The pension applications (from the International and NEBF) will then be prepared by this office. It is then your responsibility to complete them in their entirety and return ONLY the International pension application back to the L. U. 90 office accompanied with all documents requested. Mail the NEBF application directly to their address listed below.It is to your advantage to complete and return them as soon as possible. We will then forward all IO documents to Washington for you.

Next, complete the NEBF application and send it directly to the NEBF accompanied by all documents requested. 


  • Request the correct application (normal, early or disability) from your local union.
  • Furnish copy of all required documents specified in the application (your birth certificate, and if applicable, your spouse's birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree, Social Security Disability award, etc.
  • Make sure you and your spouse sign the application.
  • Submit your NEBF application for benefits at least six (6) months before your scheduled retirement date, to allow enough time to request and receive your *work history for years 1964 and earlier from Social Security Administration.
  • Respond promptly to requests from NEBF for additional information and/or documents.

*To establish NEBF Service Credits earned for the years worked during the period 1964 and earlier by an individual in NEBF "Covered Employment" such work history must be verified.

An individual's "Detailed earnings Transcript” from the Social Security Administration will list employers name(s) federal identification number(s) and date) s) of employment and earnings.

Well in advance of their contemplated retirement, an individual with a date of birth in 1948, or earlier, and a work history of 1964, or earlier can assist in the timely processing of their future application by completing a "Request for Social Security Detailed Earnings Information" (Form SSA- 7050-F3) for their work history prior to 1965. This form may be obtained from your Social Security Office.

Attached, you will find a list of all pensions, along with their addresses, phone and fax numbers. Do not lose this list. If you have any questions to be answered, you can call them directly. Also, feel free to contact the Local Union No. 90 office at 203- 265-9533 for any assistance.

All members planning to retire must contact the Pension Department at:

Zenith American Solutions

IBEW Local 90 Claims Office

10 Technology Drive

P.O. Box 5817
Wallingford, CT 06492


(Within Connecticut) 1-800-821-4734

FAX 203-284-8656

N.E.B.F. National Electrical Benefit Fund

2400 Research Boulevard Suite 500

Rockville, MD 20850-3266


FAX 301-556-0100


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Pension Benefit Fund

900 Seventh Street, N.W.

N. W. Washington, D.C. 20001-3886


FAX 202-467-6316